Description of the project
Posted by alexandrumita on September 28 2009 18:24:18
The objectives of the multilateral project Comenius “Multimedia E-Platform for the democratic learning of the foreign languages” are: to promote the European intercultural education based on learning foreign languages, the intensive application of the new technologies and to facilitate interdisciplinarity as way of getting knowledge at a European and global level. Another objective is to create an alternative of learning, which can also be applied in the distance learning or with reduced attendance. The partners of this project (schools in Romania, Italy, Portugal, Poland), coordinated by Alexandru MITA/Theoretical High School “Mihail Kogalniceanu” from Vaslui/Romania, will collaborate to obtain the following end products: a) e-learning platform Claroline type in all the institutions involved in the project, implemented as intranet in the first stage and as common site, in the second stage; b)new e-learning methodology and electronic manuals of teaching-learning French, English, Spanish and Italian on a large spectrum (from 6 to 19 years old), according to the national curricula from the countries in partnership; c) good practice manual based on the project experience; d)a course support for in-service training for teachers of foreign languages. The approach of achieving the objectives and the final products will be supported by specific activities, a permanent cooperation and communication between the institutions, corresponding to the practical application of a common and complex dissemination and evaluation strategy. The project will last for two years: 1/08/2009 – 31/07/2011.