Well, we DID IT, AGAIN!
Posted by alexandrumita on January 31 2011 21:54:04
Dear partners, our project just received the European Label AGAIN, this time, for 2010! The official announcement is HERE It's an European record, a project receiving TWICE the same high consideration of its quality in language education! This time, it is due to Roxana Irina's courage to apply, for her school, including our common work from the first year of project. Congratulations, Roxana, congratulations, you, all!
Don't forget to mention, on all our products or on your communications about the project, that this project was awarded twice with European Label 2009 and European Label 2010 for quality and innovation in foreign languages didactics.

On page no 4 of the Magazine "Apostolul/The Apostle", an article about European Label 2010 awarded to our project!