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26/11/2012 19:27
2012-2013 - the linguistic, pure intellectual adventure of the platform is always online! Cool

12/05/2011 21:19
Video-lessons on the platform have started! Please check timetables published on the Forum of the Evaluation space, to join the lessons with your pupils!

28/03/2011 22:40
Hi to everyone!!! We are all waiting to visit Roxana!!! Smile

19/01/2011 20:16
Good work in 2011!

09/10/2010 16:22
New information and improvements of the platform and of the main site - october 2010!

08/09/2010 01:06
Hello everyone in the project!!! Your visit in Poland is coming soon. Right now we are preparing everything. I hope by the end of the week we will send you all necessary information about your stay


Presentation: the project reunion in Portugal by Roxana Irina Elena, coordinator from Oantu's school
NewsDiseminare - reuniune de proiect
· alexandrumita on May 14 2010 00:18:51 · 0 Comments · 11254 Reads · Print
"European School" for "M. Kogalniceanu"
NewsThe newest and the most important prize granted to "M. Kogalniceanu" High School for all the international activity and the inovation in teaching and learning: "European School Prize". The ceremony took place the 22-nd of April in Bucharest (the coordinators' birthday), at the Parliament Palace (the biggest building in Europe, as you know) and the prize was offered by the Education Ministry in person. All Romanian high representative in education was present to this festivity. As we made two documentary films, we are happy to present you the first.

Trofeul Scoala Europeana 2010
· alexandrumita on April 23 2010 21:51:55
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Visit this website
NewsThe Portal of the Vaslui Inhabitants - Portal of the clear-minded journalism - media partner of our project.
· alexandrumita on April 05 2010 21:54:03
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European Label Diploma
Journal of the project
The European Label 2009 Diploma
· alexandrumita on March 28 2010 00:16:46
0 Comments · 10881 Reads · Print
Don't forget about the working plan!
Journal of the projectThis is the working plan for the teams of the project - it contains the activities to achieve for the project team members up to 30-th of April 2010.

Download working plan for the teams
· alexandrumita on March 27 2010 23:58:47
0 Comments · 12315 Reads · Print
The documentary film of the project reunion in Frosinone
Documentaries of the project This is the complete version of the documentary movie realized during the project reunion from Frosinone - Italy. The record and the cut of the movie are in "cin-vrit" style, and belongs to the Oantu team. Many thanks to Roxana Irina, the coordinator of the team for this complete witness of our work!
· alexandrumita on March 27 2010 23:42:25
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Oantu Schoool Fest - the 8-th of March 2010
Documentaries of the project In Romania, we are celebrating the 8-th of March as International Women's Day and it's an occasion for us to express our gratitude for our mothers, sisters, wifes and friends in general. This is a school fest organized by Doina Mt, teacher in preschool class of our Oantu partner. Doina Mt is member of the project team coordinated by Roxana Irina.

· alexandrumita on March 27 2010 23:01:52
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Oantu School Fest - the 8-th of March 2010 (2-nd part)
Documentaries of the project
· alexandrumita on March 27 2010 22:54:18
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Presentation movie for European Label Ceremony 22th of March 2010
· alexandrumita on March 15 2010 18:35:59
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Film made by the partners from Frosinone
Journal of the project
· alexandrumita on February 25 2010 20:58:40
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Pictures from the project reunion of Frosinone
Journal of the project
· alexandrumita on February 21 2010 22:32:21
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