10th of October 2009 - project meeting at Oantu
Posted by alexandrumita on October 12 2009 00:00:33
A splendid autumn day - the 10th of October 2009. The team of Vaslui meets the "sis" - the team of Oantu (Neamt department, Romania). Roxana Irina welcomes her guests from Vaslui ("Mihail Kogalniceanu" High School) together with Doina Mata, Vasile Corfu and Simona Coscaru (members of the team, teachers at the school of Oantu).
The team of Vaslui was composed by Alexandru MITA (general coordinator and creator of the project), Mihaela LITEANU, Liliana CIOBANU-HARHAS, Gabriela TOFAN, Narcis APRODU.
The meeting had the following main activities:
- the presentation of the school of Oantu;
- official appointment with the principal of the Pīngćrati Structure (coordinator of two schools);
- meeting with the project teams of pupils; presentation of the platform and of its main facilities;
- discussions of the project teams and planning of the first international meeting from Vaslui - November the 10th
- monitoring project documents, analysing the creation of the teams and evaluation of the meeting