Our Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnership - the project “Comics in Teaching Languages/La BD en classe de langues” was awarded the 1st from Romania – so it received the 1st prize at the Romanian National Contest “Made for Europe”, a special contest organized by the Romanian Ministry of Education especially for spreading the results of the best international projects coordinated by Romanian schools. We will come back soon with images and with the feelings of Paul Alexandru Răileanu, the pupil from the project team who (re)presentes there, in Craiova (Romania), our partnership!


 During 25-28th of April 2017 was organized in the town of Craiova (Romania), the National Contest "Made for Europe", event created by the Romanian Ministry of Education and the School Inspectorate Dolj. This contest is intended for awarding the best products of the European projects progressed in the Romanian schools.

   The Department of Vaslui had 5 representatives in this contest  (Bărdiţă Larisa Ioana from „Ştefan Procopiu” High School Vaslui, Tătaru Ionela Dănuţa, pupil from School nr.1 Ivesti, Chiriac Ştefania - from „Constantin Parfene” general school - Vaslui, Simion Elena - Pedagogical High School „Ioan Popescu” Bârlad and Răileanu Alexandru Paul - Theoretical High School „Mihail Kogălniceanu” Vaslui)

Ist prize - Răileanu Alexandru Paul who presented the products of the Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership „Comics in Teaching Languages/La BD en classe de langues” – coordinator, Alexandru Mîţă – „M. Kogălniceanu” Vaslui Theoretical High School

Ist prize - Simion Elena – Pedagogical High School „Ioan Popescu” Bârlad

2nd Prize - Bărdiţă Larisa Ioana – „Ştefan Procopiu” High School Vaslui 

2nd Prize Chiriac Ştefania – General School "Constantin Parfene" Vaslui

2nd Prize Tătaru Ionela Dănuţa – General School no.1 Iveşti

„I’m so proud for being awarded with the 1st Prize to a National Competition for final products built during the implementation of European projects. This testifies one more time the assiduous work made together by the pupils and the teachers from the team of our Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership „Comics in Teaching languages/La BD en classe de langues” – and I’m just proud of this success and of its intellectual outputs. Our hosts were very exigent organizers so that the way of progressing the contest and the pass-time moments consolidated the pleasure to participate to this contest." (Alexandru-Paul Răileanu, pupil, XI-th C form – bilingual French – natural sciences, „Mihail Kogălniceanu” Vaslui High School, member of the Erasmus+ KA2 project team, reprezentantative of the institution to the National Contest „Made for Europe”) 

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