6-th webinar - 12-02-2016

Frosinone: the Erasmus+ Info Corner

We present you the initiative of Italy - Frosinone partner school to create the Erasmus+ info-corner: more details, in the images bellow. Enjoy!

A new beginning, a new successful story!

On Saturday, the 16th of January 2016, we started a new step in the implementation of our strategic partnership, in the coordinating institution, “Mihail Kogălniceanu” High School Vaslui, Romania. 

All the teachers – members of the project team participated to the official launching of the first version of the Learning Management System of the project. They have all received a newly created account (some of them used it in the pre-testing period, in December 2015, just to have a look of the future complex structure and to try to use the tools which were placed in different places of the platform).

Finally, what is LMS?

The Learning Management System of our strategic partnership is our future success story, as it stores knowledge and shares awareness, bringing people together in a new, powerful educational instrument. 

The initial training of the teachers from the coordinating institution is scheduled for the remaining period of January (until January the 30th, every day).

The story has just begun, but from now on, you will hear a lot about it... Pupils’ accounts are about to be created. The next stage is the training of the trainers from abroad, training the pupils, than after – the creation of social groups... new courses will appear and will be used during the curricular classes, in all the participating schools.

Keep in touch! Good luck, Erasmus+ LMS!

Webinar no. 5 - 8th of January 2016


Erasmus+ corner in Kastamonu high school

We present you the very new Erasmus+ corner from the Turkish partners institution of Kastamonu.

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Cyprus: training for drawing comics... in a revolutionary way

4th Webinar of the project

Webmeeting no. 4 of the project

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Dissemination in the school - Regional Gymnasium of Livadia

I would like to inform you that on Wednesday the 09th of December 2015, we organised here in our school (Regional Gymnasium of Livadia - Cyprus) the Dissemination of the results regarding the first project meeting in Romania. We informed all the teachers in our school about the meeting’s results and about the project activities we have to do.

The Dissemination was about to be organized in January 2016 but we managed to organise it now in order to help us to start the activities a bit earlier.  In January 2016 we are going to organise Workshops for Teachers.

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The 7th episode of the documentary movie of the project

11-11-2015 - Activities of the 1st Transnational Meeting

We present you the photo album with the story of 11-11-2015, a project day full of events, because it contained:

1) didactic sequences with the use of Comics prepared by the members of the project team from the coordinating institution;

2) the study on the spot of using Comics to teach at little age;

3) training courses.

Enjoy our album!

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