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Coordinator's presentation

The Theoretical High School “M. Kogălniceanu” has 14 years of experience in implementing international projects and 7 European Language Labels for the quality and the innovation from the coordinated and implemented projects. The institution is among oldest high schools in Romania: funded un 1890 it has the reputation of the best school in the department - its bachelors become every year at 100% students in prestigious university in the country and abroad.

In the high school, there are bilingual classes (French, English, Italian), philology, social sciences, natural sciences, informatics theoretical profiles. Despite of these good aspects, the general context of the institution is dominated by the highest percentage of unemployment from Romania (11% in March 2015). The Baccalaureate percentage is over 97%, one of the highest from Romania. The high school's pupils need a special treatment from their teachers, new optional subjects, high quality contents and synchronicity with European and world best advances adapted to the contemporary world requests, especially from the perspective of the bilingual learning. The high school is the only one in the department which ensures bilingual learning in French, Italian and English. All the schools activities should assure the intellectual development of the pupils and valorize their high potential. The education of quality and the access to universities are the only chances for the majority of these pupils to guarantee for themselves a future conforming to the quality of European citizen.

The teachers of the school are preoccupied to improve the training in their specialty and in related subjects (80% have 1st didactic degree or doctorate). 25% were already involved in previous in-service Comenius grants or European projects (Lifelong Learning, Socrates).The high school received as a recognition of its projects, in 2010, the “European School” trophy of the Romanian Ministry of Education. The school created and coordinated 10 European projects (linguistics, school development, multilateral and bilateral) and was involved as associated partner in other 10 international projects (for adult education, youth education). CIEP France realized in the institution a big study ordered by European Commission concerning the impact of bilateral Comenius projects and it is a part of a Good Practices handbook issued after this action. The school also participated to the realization of the good practices handbook “7-year European Language Label — Innovative Projects in the Lifelong Learning Programme”, ISBN 978-92-79-37860-7. The institution international projects always generated plus-value, a high quality of the learning process, new ideas and new partnerships having as main consequences new skills, new competences, new personal and institutional applications, products, partnerships and wider horizons.

It’s an emergency to restart this focusing on providing a highest quality of learning languages and on a high quality bilingual learning and this new project creates the best context for achieving this goal!

LMK Vaslui