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Italian partner's presentation

Or school is located in the historical heart of FROSINONE, a town not far from Rome, about 50 miles from the city. It is a quite modern building with large, bright and coloured rooms.

Its front wall faces the street, the outside of the school is brown and it is well preserved! The school backs onto an empty space where teachers park their cars. It is a green space.

The inside is confortable and tidy: there is a large entrance hall into which some ground floor classrooms open. Other bright and confortable classrooms are found both upstairs and in the basement where a very large gym is located. Here take place many sport competitions. A corridor on the lett of the main entrance leads to Arts and Crafts labs; there are also two foreign languages labs, a video room, two I.C.T labs where students work and surf the Internet.

We are working at DADA project too, that is an innovation in our reality. So students have special rooms for each subject and for each activity.

The school offers a range of social and cultural activities, including excursions to places of historical and cultural interest and cinema and theatre visits.

Students are encouraged to join projects and partecipate in various social, drama and sporting activities. If students need extra help they can apply for different kind of short-time courses that are offered at basic level by volounteers.

Italy - Frosinone partner school presentation

1) French class

2) Au cinéma - cinema&theater project

3-4) Religion class

5) Halls of the school

6-7-8) Italian class

9) English class

10) Inauguration of school year at "Istituto Comprensivo Frosinone 3". Frosinone chamber orchestra concert.