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Back to school with some ideas in my pocket ...

First meeting of the project "La BD en classe de langues / Comics in teaching languages" in Vaslui. Back to school with some ideas in my pocket ...

To stimulate students' creativity is the duty of all teachers. Creativity is a characteristic of problem solvers. It is not only a valuable resource for teaching and learning new challenges but it also promotes stuedents and teachers' skills. Creative teaching and learning is innovative and motivating and lead to real appropriation of knowledge. For the students' domain knowledge through creative experience in which they participate is enriching and implies that they are also part of the process of creating learning resources. Using Comics to teach foreign languages ​​will promote both teachers and students' creativity. Students have to create a resource they understand as an expression of their generation and, as a consequence, they learn the need to understand and use the foreign language through art. The Vaslui meeting was inspiring and enriching as it provided all the participants with the opportunity to think about the use of cartoons as pedagogic tool in what concerns language learning. It was also a great opportunity for the participants to share their ideas on the project and acquire new knowledge and design new resources. In the workshops we learnt how to make comics and how to pass on this new knowledge to the students. The agenda promoted the sharing of experience on the part of all partners. Back in our school, we have our hands on sharing all of Vaslui meeting results with our peers and the students. We have been motivating them all and reassuring them about the importance of getting involved in this great creative and team work. The Portuguese Erasmus Team (Vialonga) Ilda, Miguel and Paula.